Panasonic TAWERS TA 1400 welding robot in action, symbolizing the fusion of advanced robotics and AI-driven optimization.

Optimyzer achieves stellar results in first MIG/MAG Robotic Welding optimization

Welding, a cornerstone of manufacturing, has always demanded precision, efficiency, and adaptability. GaussML, in our relentless pursuit of innovation, just successfully optimized MIG/MAG robotic welding process using our AI-driven tool, Optimyzer.

Our challenge was to perfect a T-weld between two 10 mm S235JR steel pieces. Unlike our previous laser welding optimizations, this time, our focus was solely on the current and feed rate. The feedback provided by the process engineer to Optimyzer included the deviation from the desired amount of added material, the spatter amount, and a thorough visual inspection of the weld. The results were astounding. In a span of just 40 minutes and a mere 7 experiments, Optimyzer empowered the operator to achieve a 45% surge in welding velocity, attain a more accurate level of added material, and diminish spatter by a whopping 95%.

This achievement is not just a testament to Optimyzer's capabilities but also a significant milestone for GaussML. Demonstrating proficiency in not just laser cutting but also two distinct types of robotic welding (laser and MIG/MAG) underscores Optimyzer's versatility and our commitment to revolutionizing diverse manufacturing processes.

Are you keen on delving deeper into our welding optimization journey? We've documented our experience and results in a detailed case study. This study not only offers insights into our approach but also showcases the tangible benefits of integrating AI-driven solutions in manufacturing. Read our full case study on robotic welding here.

We like to celebrate every step towards our vision of an AI that can operate any machine like an expert. At the same time, we are gearing up for more challenges. With each optimization, we're refining our tools, expanding our horizons, and reaffirming our commitment to making manufacturing smarter, more efficient, and more sustainable.


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